Threats of Spread of CoronaVirus, also known as COVID-19, has people fearing for their lives.

As more and more cases of the Corona Virus are being seen around the United States, panic and fear has began to overcome people.

Totaling six deaths across the U.S., the Corona Virus has become a household topic as people are worried about where the next case will appear. Cities across the U.S. are becoming uneasy as more cases of the Corona Virus have been presented around the country.

According to Google Trends, the Corona Virus has reached its peak in searches in the last month, February 2020, with February 29th being its peak searches. Alongside the search of the Corona Virus, Google users are also looking up the term ‘death’ equally.

Due to the number of deaths that has resulted because of the Corona Virus, Google users have also included ‘death’ in their searches as there is a fear that when infected with said virus, death is the only outcome in becoming infected.

With the fear of being infected with the Corona Virus, cities across the U.S. are taking on different preventative measure to ensure that the communities and its members across the U.S. remain safe and unaffected by the virus. Testing and other precautionary health measures are slowly becoming available to the public to catch any cases of the Corona Virus and ensure that it does not spread.

To learn more about the Corona Virus and the symptoms that are commonly seen, refer to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Corona Virus site.

All-Star Weekend Falls Short as Influencers and Tik Tok Stars Take Over Google Search

The 2020 All-Star Game Weekend Buzz Becomes Overtaken By Influencers As They Draw Younger Crowds to Game Festivities

With the February 14th- 16th All-Star Weekend taking place in Chicago, this star-studded event was taken over by Tik-Tok influencers as they brought game viewers of all ages to watch the game.

Influencer Marketing has grown over the years, with allowing any individual to create a name for themselves and grow within any given social media site as they gain attention from the public eye. The All-Star Weekend took advantage of the growing interest in influencers and invited Tik-Tok stars, Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Jalaiah Harmon to partake in All-Star festivities.

Recognized for their dance moves and ability to make any song they dance to a trend, Tik-Tok stars Charli, Addison, and Jaliah are known as the creators of the ‘Renegade’ Dance, that is set to Lottery by K Camp.

According to an analysis presented by Google Trends, ‘Renegade’ surpassed the term search for the entire All-Star Weekend, remaining above fifty percent interest level, as people became exposed to this latest dance trend that has taken over the Tik-Tok platform.

These three Tik-Tok creators have a combined audience on the Tik-Tok platform alone of around 50 million followers. Due to this, these influencers were invited to All-Star weekend to sit courtside and watch the game as they documented the entire thing onto their social media sites. Because of this, these Tik-Tok influencers brought attention to the All-Star game to their younger audiences that otherwise might not have watched if it weren’t for them.

As Influencer marketing is growing over time, influencers have been seen at Paris Fashion Week and now All-Star Weekend. What space will Influencers break into next?

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