Covid-19: How Social Distancing Can Prevent Exposure to Contagious Virus

As media continues to report up-to-date Covid-19 , Corona Virus, updates and reported cases, Social Distancing is the common suggestion given to avoid contaign. What exactly is ‘social distancing’ and how can it be placed into an everyday routine?

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, reports, remaining at home while the Covid-19 virus is still a threat is best practice in order to protect yourself and those around you. While many young people who are carriers of the virus are oftentimes asymptomatic and have the capability to recover fully, the worry is the spread of the virus onto those that are more susceptible to not recovering from the virus.

The Atlantic reports that if you are “over 60 years old; have asthma, heart disease, or diabetes…” you are more likely to contract the virus and may have a more difficult recovery process. Many people are skeptical of social distancing because they can assure others that they are healthy and will not catch the Covid-19 virus, when in reality, social distancing is preventative measure that is taken to protect those around you, in your household for example.

Although you may feel fine and capable of living your life as you have before, social distancing is something that is done to prevent spread the virus onto others if you have it, and to avoid contracting it if you don’t have it. It is more of a technique that is done to protect those around you that may be more at-risk to catch the virus and have a harder recovery process.

Here are a few tips on social distancing and how it can prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus onto those around you:

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