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Bringing Light into Dark Situations

With her newfound passion for poetry and journaling, Franxine Bautista is now able to share her story with others and allow for people to read about what she has gone through in life and how she has overcome it.

By Alfonso Gonsalez

Being born and growing up in another continent and then completely turning her life around when coming to the United States, Franxine Bautista, 22, was in for a shock when she realized life was different on the other side of the globe.

“I was ten and I had only ever known about the American lifestyle through the media I consumed but it was nothing like what it actually is. Actually, experiencing this life on the daily basis, it was so different from interactions I had with people at home” Bautista knew that her life would be nothing like she had experienced before but she knew that with her mother’s support, she would be able to deal with the transition into a new life.

At the sight of her mother leaving the Philippines to go pursue her new job opportunity, Bautista had to say goodbye to her knowing she was leaving to be across the globe. While the departure of her mother upset Bautista dramatically, she knew she would be okay due to having her entire extended family at her side and living with her at their shared family compound.

“I was just left under their [extended family] care and my aunt was responsible for me and of course once my mom left, I was devastated and cried,” noted Bautista. Growing up with all of her cousins and aunts was beneficial for Bautista to be comforted and surrounded by loved ones. Due to her immediate family always being with her, Bautista became saddened at the fact that all of her cousins had their mothers and fathers with them constantly, which was something that Bautista did not have at all. With the constant reminders of what she was lacking, Bautista began to allow her sadness to overcome her and change the person she was.

Through two hard years of not seeing one another, Bautista’s mother was able to save enough money for her then eight-year-old daughter to fly across the globe to once again be reunited with her mother. From the moment of reconnecting with one another, Bautista was overcome with happiness at finally having her mother back, but soon after realized what she had left behind. The cousins and aunts and all of her school friends remained in the Philippines and now Bautista was alone with her mother in an unknown country. While the sadness of not having her mother had gone away, Bautista’s sadness from feeling as though she didn’t belong in the U.S was now the main source of her sadness.

“Since my mom worked night shifts and sleeps in the day, I was an only child and was alone all day, “expressed Bautista.  Through all of the hardships that she had endured through the course of her life, sadness and later depression had overcome Bautista and altered how she valued her life and her own self-worth. “Why did I do this to myself? Asked Bautista as she questioned herself and how her life was at the moment. “I don’t even know what to do with my life.” From this point on, Bautista had resorted to pain to express herself and alleviate the stress she was enduring, but through help from others she was able to realize that there were other ways of expressing herself.

Through the use of poetry, she found her outlet to share her thoughts and was able to write and share her experiences with others. A goal Bautista aims to accomplish in all of her writing is to show people that they are not alone in what they go through. The act of writing poetry was an escape for Bautista and now her aim is her writing to be an escape for others as well. Only time will tell of what becomes of Bautista but she is eager for her future and aims to involve herself in the publishing industry and possible one day release her own book.

“I’m glad I got inspired by poetry that helped me cope with all the hardships I went through, and I hope my work helps inspire other people, in whatever way my work turns out. I am excited to see where writing takes me and what the future holds in store for me.”